Georgia is a 13.4 year old female German Shepherd.  Since having surgery gastric torsion
and a pexi reattaching  stomach, she has had troubles with her stomach (food not moving
along). Symptoms have been not eating, diarrhea  or no elimination. She went on Tylan and
 Reglan which helped some, but it also made her throw up and didn't always work.  More
recently she was put on Metronidazole for terrible diarrhea and almost no controls.  She
lost a great deal of weight, and I feared I would lose her.

Started with
MitoMax®, Neutrogest and Multizyme and she has become so much better.  It
took at least 2 plus weeks to totally get off the antibiotics and was still irregular (not
eliminating), but now she is like a NEW DOG and goes regularly and of course is eating so
much better.  She feels better, has more energy, wants to do so much more that I am
shocked (as she also has Degenerative Mylopathy and a heart problem) that she does the
stairs alone, runs after the ball, and wants to go on walks. An amazing improvement, and I
feel better too. I thank Dr. Lin for producing this product for dogs - it has saved our lives. Dr.
Dym referred me to Dr. Lin for
MitoMax®.  I am grateful for both doctors.
Anne, Pennsylvania
Vomiting & Diarrhea
In July, my 56-pound Eurasier, Czar, was 17 months old and had a recurring bout  with
Demodex Mange.  I understood this to  be due to a compromised immune system. I
decided to make whatever changes needed to ensure his health.  I did much research to
learn about treatments, diets, and general health care.  I opted to veer  away from the
allophonic route of poisonous dips, injections, etc..  June was the last month I used a
monthly preventative spot-on flea medicine and preventative heart worm tablets.  In mid
July, I donated his high-grade kibble to a local rescue organization and started feeding a
homemade raw food diet for Czar and Valya (our 35 lb. 2 year old Chow/Mix).
Both dogs were doing quite well on the new raw food diet from the very start. After two
weeks and a brief detox period, I could see many positive changes in both dogs.  However,
Czar did have acute vomiting & diarrhea on two occasions an hour or two after his morning
meal. The second time this occurred, I decided to seek advice from a homeopathic
veterinarian.  During our discussion of Czar's health concerns, one recommendation was
to give Czar a probiotic. This vet had heard about one made specifically for dogs.  He felt
this made much sense and recommended I try it.  He gave me the link to Imagilin to order
MitoMax® and in late August, I started giving Czar 1 capsule twice a day and Valya 1
capsule a day. Since I have made the change to the dogs' diet, stopped unnecessary
treatments, and began the
MitoMax® capsules, the dogs are MUCH happier and healthier.
Before these changes, Czar often had diarrhea, worms, and coprophagia. Allopathic
treatment for this had included de wormer poisons, antibiotics, and other medicines for
digestion problems.  It is likely that these treatments contributed to his weakened immune
system.  After 6 weeks on raw food and applying freshly squeezed lemon juice, Czar's
mange was gone!  Moreover, with the new diet and after being on the
MitoMax® for
approximately 6 weeks, he no longer suffers from diarrhea, worms, or coprophagia.  In
addition, Czar and Valya have cleaner teeth, luxurious fur, and more energy than I can
handle at times. They are truly much happier and healthier dogs.
New York
Body Odor & Diarrhea
My lovely Mei-Mei, a 10-year-old, 70lbs female Doberman, suffered from light diarrhea,
shedding fur, and strong body odor.  I tried different brands of dog food; none of them
improved the situation.  My veterinarian did not give any prescription drugs since Mei-Mei is
getting old, he did not want to irritate Mei-Mei's sensitive digestive system even more.
Fortunately, my friend suggested the probiotic product -
MitoMax® to me. Amazingly, in less
than one week's time, Mei-Mei recovered from the irritating symptoms, and the strong body
odor gone almost the same time.  Because of
MitoMax®, I can see that Mei-Mei is free of
discomforts.  She is more welcomed than before to stay indoors and on bed as long as
she wants.  
Ida, Taiwan
Vomiting & Body Odor
Inky, a very intelligent and special 8-year-old Dalmatian/Labrador/Beagle mix, has a weak
digestive system. Ever time he goes outside, he pukes for a while before acting normally
again. Obviously, this situation disgusts the entire family. One time, Inky started to puke in
the house. Since he refused to go outside, we were forced to put him in the bathroom as
we listened to our dismay that our lovely dog was puking for what seemed like an eternity.
When he finally stopped, the entire bathroom was covered with vomit and substances that
we did not wish to recognize. The smell was unbearable. To add to our horror, Inky also
began to have diarrhea everyday. Our veterinarian said that Inky had eaten too much grass
and human food causing his digestive system to become weak. Because of Inky’s age, he
would not give him prescribed drugs, which he feared would irritate Inky’s sensitive
digestion system even more. We did not know how we could help. One day, I saw
on the website and learned the benefits of probiotics. We decided to give it a try. After taking
MitoMax®, we began to see a major improvement in our dog’s health. From the first day,
Inky stopped puking and the diarrhea was at a minimum. Surprised and ecstatic, we
continued to give Inky daily capsules of
MitoMax®. One time, we stopped giving Inky
MitoMax® for a week and he immediately went back to his puking and diarrhea stage. We
immediately gave him
MitoMax® and his health improved dramatically again. Without
MitoMax®,Inky would be in great discomfort. Thanks to MitoMax®, we once again have a
happy and healthy dog.
Teresa, West Virginia
Our miniature poodle Cheekie, has problems with her bowels since she was a puppy. She
would have such problems with constipation that she would sometimes howl in pain as
she tried to force stool out. I did try stool softeners like Benefiber or Metemucil but they
either had added sugar or artificial sweetners. Since she would be ingesting these every
day I didn't want to keep her on these. Our holistic vet recommended
MitoMax® and since
she's been on it she has not only not had problems with elimination she goes regularly a
couple of times a day. And just like with humans, the shorter a time waste stays in the body
the better. I'm happy to have finally found a product made just for animals that works so well.

I still keep telling everyone about
MitoMax® for their pets. I ran out of it and picked
up a probiotic in a pet store. Within a week our little dog's anal glands filled up and had to
be emptied, causing her discomfort. Instead of finishing that bottle of store bought
probiotics, I started her right back on the
MitoMax®. Her anal glands are fine again.
Patti, New Jersey
Digestive System
Dr. Dym in Moorestown, NJ recommended this for my diabetic cat, Louie. Thank you. I
believe the
MitoMax® is helping my cat, Louie, with his digestive system.
Donna, New Jersey
I have been giving my 2 dogs MitoMax for 5-6 weeks now. I am delighted with the results so
far. Since I adopted the first one from a shelter 3 years ago, I have been taking a number of
steps to bring them to an optimal level of health, including putting them on a home made,
more natural diet, and doing homeopathic work with Dr. Dym. Each step I've taken has
helped. But we still kept getting bouts of diarrhea. Since starting the
MitoMax®, this has
improved greatly. Also, their eyes look brighter, their energy is good and they just seem
happier. (Probably because they feel better!) I'm hoping to see continued good results and
improvements as I continue giving them
Mitomax®. Thank you so much for such a
wonderful product!
The product is excellent and is the only one I know of in its kind. It really seems to be doing
a considerable amount of what the merchant promises it will. This merchant has been
consistently highly courteous and very willing to answer questions about his product and its
use. I would recommend this company to anyone.
Kathleen, New Jersey
Itching & Sensitive Skin
I came across MitoMax® in the ANIMAL CHATTER MAGAZINE.

Great item glad to find this item for my dog. Her skin and itching are already better after 2
weeks use. Would recommend to everyone. Happy human customer and very happy
doggie customer. Thanks
Dawn, Maryland
Antibiotics & White Blood Cells
This is my second order of MitoMax®. I tried out your product at the advice of Dr. Dym. My
dog had a gastrointestinal issue and pancreatitis. Dr. Dym could not get his white cell
blood count to be at normal levels on antibiotics alone. For over two weeks his white blood
cell count went as high as 30,000, Dr. Dym recommended that I give him antibiotics along
with your product. His white blood cell count went from 33,000 back to normal levels within
2 weeks. My ten year old dog is back to normal and he is more energetic and playful than
when he was before he became ill.I need to purchase 2 bottles because I recently added
another dog to the household who had extreme gas and who stools were not consistently
the same. I have started him on your product and his stomach problems are starting to
subside and his stools are consistently the same. Your product is great. Thanks.
Patricia, New Jersey
Restored Appetite
Our friend Sharon Ferraro had been using MitoMax® with her beautiful Afghan hounds for a
while. She suggested that we try it for our Standard poodles who had been notoriously poor
eaters. Very soon after starting them on this supplement, our previously-finicky fuss budgets
starting eating like DOGS and have continued such normalcy since then. They both look great
with energy to spare!
Richard & Janet, New York
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